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Obscure Movies

One of my favorite things about BNAT was catching old films I had never heard of. Night Warning was a special treat — though I readily admit it that it’s schlock, it was enjoyable campy schlock. Harry seems reticent to commit to BNAT6 and beyond (and he certainly doesn’t need our help picking out obscure films) but let’s give up some suggestions for future BNAT or Drafthouse events.

I was introduced to Twice Upon a Time in college and was ecstatic. It was my first experience with a full-lenth animated film that was not for kids. Several people have only seen the edited version of this film that is still availablt on VHS, I think. That version is nothing like the original which is kinda crude and hilarious. Check out this synopsis on my rarely updated media blog.


I saw this AWESOME Kung-fu film a few weeks back at the Drafthouse called RETURN TO THE 36TH CHAMBER. It's Gordon Liu, learning the art of bamboo fu. KARATE KID shamelessly rips it off. It's funny as hell and wonderful, and the fight scenes rule you.

Good choice, Nordling. I just got Ong Bak and Uzumaki on DVD after seeing clips from them at Drafthouse events (Kill Bill and Tamala 2010: Punk Cat From Outer Space, respectively).

Ong Bak would be cool to see with subtitles, since I'm still not clear on a lot of the specifics in the story, but Phanom Yeerum is the next Jackie Chan -- obscure martial arts phenom who will get sold up the river in Hollywood studios.

Uzumaki is more BNAT fare, though, since it's pretty edgy and wouldn't pass muster with general movie audiences.

I would love to see Night of the Comet on the big screen again. :) Hell, you can't even find that on DVD now. Luckily I have an old $5 Wal-Mart VHS copy (in friggin SLP!) for myself, but I think it's a great obscrure 80s flick.

Obsure? It is a bit hard, but I would love to see Touch of Zen up on the big Alamo screen. If you have not see this film, do yourself a favor and check it out on DVD. Out of the Past would be great since I have never seen it on the big screen. And I know it is pretty easy to get on video, but I love Into the Night, a kind of obsure John Landis film that has some fun cameo's, along with a great Elvis impersinator with a chip on his shoulder.
Real Genius would be fun with a crowd (yet it is pretty readily avalible). One that I would love would be The Great Escape, although everyone has seen this.
What else? Dawn of the Dead, Any Shaw Brothers early film, Big Trouble in Little China, Road Warrior, Any 3D film from the 80's (Friday the 13 3D would be great), This is Elvis, Aguirre - Wraith of God, Ultraman, Enter the Dragon, Star Raiders (totally piece of shit but memory's galore), and any Cronenburg.
Overall, I will be happy just with the suprise of seeing anything, as long as it is not House of 1000...
Please escuse my spellingg. It suxs.

Ahhhh. Into the Night is actually one of my fave 80s flicks. It just came out on DVD, though, so it's not like it's hard to find anymore.

Anyone seen "this trailer":http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony/thetripletsofbellville.html for an animated film called "The Triplets of Belleville"?

Yeah, I actually saw it in the theaters a month or so ago, etrigan. I think in front of Bubba Ho-Tep at my local Landmark Theater. It looked pretty cool, and I believe Harry's spoken fondly of it recently on AICN.

I'm looking for a copy of "The Virgin and the Gypsy"...I think it's English and based on the book by DH Lawrence. Anybody?

Anyone seen Equalilibrium? I think that it is a great action moive..check it out

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