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Email Update

Harry speaks over at Aint It Cool News — Tim’s apparently been collecting movies and is away from his computer, thus the lack of emails. Also: he thinks tickets will be about the same as last year. Lengthier quote follows, or just read the update.

“HARRY HERE with an update! You’re probably wondering why you haven’t received an email regarding tickets yet. The reason is quite simple. Tim League has been driving across the United States gathering a gigantic load of 35 mm film prints from obscure cubby holes. These strange mountain locations are not wired for web, and he is supposed to be back very soon. Next day or so. When he gets back there are two things at the top of his list. 1- Email you folks. 2- Email me with the list of booty he picked up so I can see if he found that miracle last film that’s a hole in line-up. Ie - I have the whole 24 hours programmed with the exception of 1 film, and I’ve got to find that perfect obscure work of coolness with which to pull the whole damn thing together with! Hang on! Tickets should be right around what they were last year, I’m just waiting to hear the final tally on what the YEARBOOK thing will run us and if it is worth it, which I genuinely hope it will be… I’ve put too much work into this already! OK… now back to what was already written….”


Wowzers...thanks nordling

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