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Etrigan, The Evil Blog Czar

I’ve edited comments in a few posts and I’ll apologize up front. Harry’s gone to a lot of trouble to make BNAT special by getting us exclusive access to films — some of which have yet to even be released. Someone in the industry went out on a limb to get these prints to Harry, and while we may not like their current work that person may someday do something really cool that we’ll want to see — and if we hurt their feelings or make them feel like BNAT/AICN/Drafthouse can’t be trusted with sneak preview films they may decide to pass us by for another city/group.

I know that other groups out there on the web have openly named these films and I may be fighting a loosing battle, but I don’t want to be the one damaging Harry or BNAT’s reputation.

So, please refer to that Gary Oldman film as “Greenboots” (because we got to see the green boots) and BNAT3, BNAT4 and hopefully BNAT5’s grand finales as “Salome and it’s sequels”.

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