The Sheath File

Euphemisms for a Condom

pole lock peckerwouldn't feltcher squelcher
Purple Warrior Armor ferret sock Coney Island whitefish
no overflowed choad load sowed indicktment Don Johnson
hickory dickory dock peterfied cast milk miser
Wrinkle Chapeau bearded blood sausage Nub pneumatic
fetus filter der weiner fits-all life saver
wet suit ball blinder groin cloth
fiveskin corn husk clam dam
poon balloon tool topping geyser cork
package protector sperminal terminal dong depot
detour stop sign picket line
cock cloak Bismark barrier penis shroud
scabbard Horse hanger gent tent
manhood shell banister canister party favor
peter pouch rod rind corn cob husk
burrito poncho swaddle protein packet
crash helmet condom banana peel
sheath dong sarong willy wrap
third leg trouser membrane canyon slicker
masthead peanut shell pen top
shrink wrap wand wallet bang bottle
chicken charriot noodle nylon member muzzle
jock jacket caulk valve cover
seed sack sugar cone eel envelope
Depends defender dunce cap wrapper
love capsule pump cover John Thomas overcoat
trunk bark boner bucket goose noose
hefty sak hot juice balloon sperm breaker
cream collector slip cover hard hat
pork cork giz dam cock frock
DNA dashiki squirt shirt ejaculation station
crank tank missile silo head shed
peter parka pregnot Pressure Cooker
pickle jar cum cathador stuff sack
spunk trunk bullet bag ink well
chromosome dome wiener receptical dog house
chicken coop rail pail feed bag
natural leaf wrapper wacker laquer iron matin'
cum catcher head veil rubber
fence hard again cardigan vein vale
pin cushion restrictive headgear weenie beanie
one-eyed beret flesh flute boot load bearing pud stud
sperm dam dick dike lover cover
swell casing she squealed shield he stick hindrance
rod retardant boner binder beanie my cecil
mister log's sex hat spunk spittoon throbben hood
she shell peacekeeper paternaway
giz fizzler rally cap soap dish
bone blanket batting glove pony stable
cloak for dagger nub cap French letter
man cream screen nookie nook Siemon Block
Jock Lock Breeder's Cup emergency brake
Clap cap Laytex Safety Nut
Dust Cover Parachute Jack Rack
salami skin sleeve pudding packet
pud pod snakeskin glove
hogleg stocking sperm bag sausage casing
stick suit snatch guard insecurity blanket
hose wrapping prophylactic boxing glove
Johnson jacket tapioca tupperware doggie bag
sperm aside penal pullover loin luggage
oven mitt hog holster sword shield
manhole cover submarine surprise full latex jacket
missile mask shlong shed hot dog bun
wank tank body armor dixie cup
raincoat shower cap swim suit
embryno Jimmy hat pork rind
pigskin hump hindrance spunk stopper
dick dam sleaveland meat tenderizer
wood hood dipper slipper worm womb
banana bandana whore bore baby block
zuccini beanie cyclops eye patch straightjacket
fill-er-up back pack bird feeder
seapage keeper check-the-oil bag lady
muscle muzzle trouser trout salad sandwich reliance applicance
fornication filtration sperm lance-a-not no-drip faucet
conception redirection acorn shell hub cap
third testicle goo-be-gone jiffy lube tube
quicker picker upper jewelry box trouser trojan
carrot top peter purse go between
prostitute chute gender guard child proof lid
quif thief tunnel funnel spiral binder
boa contricter runt stunter tool shed
screw top egg beaters man quart thwart
heir alter anti proliferation device family crisis
dead end inconceivable milt kilt
knock-me-knot knob swab cameltoe noflow
python pocket gonad girdle parenthood
muff moat oil pan gas tank
candleabra pillowcase galloshes
casino worker knob knot silly puddy
pine tar shaft shell windmill
dick partition continental divide rain fly
distributor cap vacuum bag head light
hood ornament tire pump bitch glitch
dink tank water buffalo balloon jissim prison
Quaker moat indickitive Brooke Shields
ground crew cup o' soup spunk mug
throbber thermos blockaides h.i.v. net
fish ladder mis-direction sleave it to beaver
snail shell slug housing muzzle loader
wad wallet sleeper car dicktionary
wet bar cell block DNA lounge
knot from concentrate tie one on hereditary halter
gene pool milt filter cum cup
cummer bun wanger hangar meat locker
corn dog cock dock pencil tip eraser
Catholic cathador bulge grudge loaded question
scrot coat kiddie lidder crown
flesh fedora cumbrella baby buffer buggy
pit stop sperm worm birth berth
the ump chromosome tombstone offspring sling
relative preventive phone sex booth blast casket
cum crypt side winder binder baby strainer
semen hammock conceivable receivable rod pod
juice jar cock cap gland gate
prick pouch shot glass jister holster
turkey neck tourniquet salami stop dork cork
baggie saran wrap rope restricter
slut safety