The Weekend Update
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the Weekend Update
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 NEW!! Added 2/24/97. Check out the new toy I found in Dallas.
 Ogle at the VivoActive videos.
 Jam to the Defunct Bands web page.
 Gaze at my Trainspotting page in a wide-eyed stupor.
Phun on the Phone - it's so punny!
 Listen to unique voice mail (answering machine) greetings.
 Cringe at abusively funny pissed-off customers.
 Hear and giggle at voice pranks.
 Be confused at the kind of people that dial extension 666.
Files along the way.
 See an index of pictures realted to the WU (i.e., subscribers, common interests, things the editor (me) decided were cool, etc.).
 Bend an ear to sounds that are common around the WU office.
 Read through several pages of common net.lists, jokes, and other funny stuff.
Dialing Music