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meet up details.

This is aimed at the John Hugh’s extra club.
When and where do we want to meet before the event Saturday morning. We have to hang w/ Rod as the tickets are in his name.
Do we want to carpool? how many vehicles. I can provide a free parking space for one car easy, maybe 2, which is very close to the drafthouse.


a breakfasting in austin tip: Try JUAN IN A MILLION on E. Cezar Chavez Street. ORDER THE DON JUAN TACO!!!! For a mere two dollars and change, you will receive a tortilla covered in a HEAPING MOUND of baconeggpotatoandcheese. A MOUND--enough food for hibernation, enough food to fuel a Maine lumberjack, enough food for ButtNumbAThon. Also, the salsa's nice and hot, and if the owner's in, he'll give you a handshake you won't soon forget. Peace.

If we can all manage in one or two cars, that would be great. Mike has THE best parking spot around for BNAT.

We could pile into Mike's Truck and John and Becky's SUV if both parties are willing.

"and if the owner's in, he'll give you a handshake you won't soon forget. Peace."

dude, thats a bit frightening. I don't know if pre-bnat molestation is on the books for me.

I volunteer John's car, do people just want to leave their cars at our place and we'll all pile in?

Do we want to hit IHOP or something on the way? Not sure what time we have to get there, so it's just a thought.

You need to be at BNAT by 10:45 AM.

Also, if you want to see some standby fun, you can watch people beg and plead for tickets at 10:00 to Harry :P

Either way, I'll be there early.

Since seating is assigned, I'm planning on being there at 10:45 myself. No reason to cut my sleepytime any shorter than I should. :)

Yeah, I think we're closest to downtown. Let's set a 9am meet time? we can gather and pick a b'fast spot and carpool.

can all 7 of us fit in the one vehicle?

IHOP on Cesar Chavez and I-35 is closest to target.

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