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Friday Night Meeting Spot

Many of us Austinites are otherwise occupied on Friday night, but we should all make an effort to meet our weekend co-horts and do a little socializing. To that end, I’ve picked a spot for us all to meet and hang out at. Wear a BNAT or cool movie t-shirt and come to Halcyon for coffee or adult beverage. (Show some guts and wear a t-shirt from this list !) Halcyon serves the best coffe in town. The guy who runs it knows that good coffee comes from two things: the right beans and the right process.

(I myself will be in North Round Rock early in the evening, but I plan on coming by for an hour or so between 9-10pm.)


sounds good.
who's in?

Monki and Edison might drop in... depends... my roomate is throwing a "Cosby Sweater Party" at our apartment... which rocks, but is the absolute worst time to throw one due to the NEEDED sleep that I will NyQuil myself into getting.


this is off topic (i'm going to post in the old thread below as well), but we have confirmed that there will be NO COMPUTERS ALLOWED at BNAT. this goes along with the camera and video issue, and this is straight from one of the owners.

i don't know what will happen if you show up with your laptop, but my guess is you'll be asked to leave it in your car. i know not everyone realizes there's a no camera rule, and few people will see this info, so spread the word if you're meeting up with or have contact with other BNATers.

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