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Bag Schwag

Now that we no longer have to kiss Harry’s ass, we can start thanking him profusely. Time to start the wrap-up discussions and I’ll kick it off with a breakdown of our bag schwag.

When I was doing radio in college, one of the highlights was when the mail come in and we got to dig through the record label schwag. Now, I get the occasional geek schwag at work and Alamo Drafthouse schwag — like X-Men dog tags — and the last two years I’ve not only thrilled to my BNAT bag schwag but with a Texas marriage I’m entitled to half the stuff in a second bag! (Do you think I could convince a divorce court judge to give me the cool half and stick my wife with the S1M0NE t-shirt half?)

Here’s what Becky and I got:

(starting center, moving up and then clockwise) Bullet Proof Monk sticker, Matrix Revolutions CD, House of 1000 Corpses, Shattered Glass notepad, Shrek and Donkey bobble-heads, The Tuxedo Jackie Chan mask, Out of Time travel clock, Freddy vs. Jason mask, America Splendor genuine nerd button, Grind skateboard key chain and bottle opener, Dumb and Dumberer short bus key chain, Paycheck eraser, School of Rock napkin and shot glass, The Last Samurai picture book, BNAT5 year book, Cabin Fever used band-aid bumper sticker, Grind trucker cap.

(starting center, moving up and then clockwise) Shattered Glass notepad, School of Rock napkin and shot glass, Grind t-shirt, Jeepers Creepers 2 frisbee, Shrek and Donkey bobble-heads, (2) Paycheck erasers, Jeepers Creepers 2 hairy ball, Kill Bill Pussy Wagon key chain, Finding Nemo aqua fun key chain, (2) American Splendor genuine nerd key chains, Freddy vs. Jason baseball cap, original Creepshow CD, Calendar Girls daisy flowerpot, The Last Samurai picture book, BNAt5 yearbook, Cabin Fever used band-aid bumper sticker, The Tuxedo Jackie Chan mask.

Overall, a great great GREAT gift bag. Harry did us proud.

(Watch for me to post our poster schwag and movie poster-card schwag.

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