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Tickets On Sale!

Yep, tickets are on sale now. Run, scurry, and purchase! (Thanks to Nordling for the heads up in comments.)


Well, I've bought my tickets but haven't seen any email from Tim yet. Hopefully there wasn't another Deepak Saxena that won. :)

that's what i'm hoping. that there's not another person out there with my name. i haven't recieved email notification either.

as long as you have the credit card email, you should be good--but make sure you've got a copy with you when you line up. you'll need to show that, your card, and your id at the door.

your names and photo ids will be checked against a list (and quite possibly your yearbook picture submission) before you're allowed to go in. the check-in procedure takes a while, but seats are pre-assigned so as long as you've got your verification, id, card, etc. out when you get to the door, it should go smoothly.

i know there was supposed to be a confirmation email from tim, but the fact of the matter is that he's probably incredibly busy right now and just hasn't gotten around to it yet. as long as you've got a valid, real photo id and your name is on the list, you should be ok.

do we have to purchase our tickets now, or are we allowed to purchase them when we get to the door?

According to the Drafthouse website, you need to purchase them by December 1st.

nord's right--there are no door sales, and the deadline is 12/1. any tickets not purchased by 12/1 will almost certainly be released for standby folks.

Well, hopefully that email receipt will be enough, since the receipt window closed up on me. But I received the email receipt, so I'm guessing my tickets went through.

email receipt will be fine, i'm sure. just make sure you've got it with you when you go to the theater.

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