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Emails Sent

I just got my email from Tim. There’s not much in it we don’t already know — tickets will be $45, and you must get your ticket by December 1st. On December 1st, he’ll post a list of ticket purchasers. If you’re not on that list, you need to contact him immediately or lose your place.

One new point:

“We have a big change from last year… THERE WILL BE NO CAMERAS OR VIDEOCAMERAS ALLOWED AT ALL. I know this kinda sucks, but it’s a hard rule.”

Oh, and Harry wants birthday presents.


Man, that sucks. I was gonna get Harry a "really nice video camera":http://www.canondv.com/gl2/gl2_flash.html but I guess I'll have to fall back on the used t-shirt I was looking at in my clothes hamper.

(seriously, though...hmm...what to get Harry?)

I guess the mails are going to trickle out individually and not by a mailing list? (Because I have yet to get one... *bites fingernails*)

Bought mine! Whoo-hoo!

Well... I -still- have not gotten an email from Tim, but I noticed that my Amercian Express was charged for the tickets, so I am guessing I am good to go, email or not.

*whew* Email from Tim finally. He said he was sorry about making me nervous. :)

Just curious anyone made interesting (friday)pre/post(sunday) bnat plans yet that would like to share them?

Eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, get up, BNAT, eat, sleep, sleep, fly back. :) Plus I am too old for actually DOING anything other than BNAT while I a there. *polishes rocking chair*

Karaoke! Pre-BNAT, that is.

Then, after, sleep.

Zee tickets? Zee tickets 'ave been bought! Huzzah! 9 more days... heehee!

Is anyone else insanely curious about where the heck you will be sitting??

I'm wondering what Harry's reasoning will be like while placing us in the Drafthouse like pawns on a chessboard.

Anyways... here's to one week from today!!


It might be a first-come/first-served type of arrangement with buddies getting front preference and group size a factor.

Will someone please post the Tim email? Although I went ahead and bought tickets, I still haven't received it.

this is going to be the LONGEST WEEK EVER.

I emailed Tim and he got back to me. Harry suggested doing that on his we page, so you should probably feel free to email him.

Indeed, this will be a long, dragging painful week until Thursday at 4pm when I leave the building and it will be all about the butt numbing baby!

I was curious to see if any of you guys will be at Mr Sinus friday night or is there anything that might go on? But, in four days, the shit will wash away and the red bull will be flowing. And to think, I thought I wasn't going to submit.

seating is definitely pre-assigned, not first-come-first-served as lycusmike suggested. as to the logic behind the seating assignments, who knows?


Seating is assigned, but you can always
email Tim and let him know if you want to be
grouped with someone else. I've got a friend in
town and the last two years we've asked to group
our seats. I don't think you can ask to be
seated in a certain row.

I'm really curious about the no cameras rule. I find it a little sad because taking pictures is part of the fun. Not of the movies, of course, which I don't think the studios that loan out prints really get about the BNAT crowd. We just want pictures of each other while we are there.

I wonder if there's any way we can ask Tim about this just to make absolutely sure that we can't bring cameras. I ask because I never received the initial email saying NOT to bring cameras. The only place I have seen that posted is here (and I trust the posts here, so I am going to comply with the rule).

OTOH, such a strict rule REALLY makes me wonder about exactly what movie it is that is that cool. :) So cool we can't bring cameras. See, the smacks of something we almost certainly will be signing an NDA just to sniff the cannister it was shipped in.

Hmm... NDAs... ultra secrecy... a VERY rough print of Episode 3? Nah.

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