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Books Into Movies

(Thanks to my wife’s bookclub ) I just finished Carter Beats The Devil and it’s apparent that Glen David Gold wrote this with a feature film in mind. It’s already been optioned by Paramount for Cruise/Wagner and Robert Towne so my desire for it becoming a film is likely to be realized.

Any other books out there just begging for adaptation?


I'd like to see the MEMORY SORROW AND THORN Trilogy put on film. It's very LOTR-like.

I still have hopes that the Douglas Coupland books will one day get optioned and pushed into production. The carnage in Girlfriend In a Coma would make for some cool visuals.

I would love to see Good Omens make it to the screen as we keep seeing talked about on AICN. But a dream book of mine to see on the screen would be Matt Ruff's Sewer, Gas and Electric: The Public Works Triology. Although, I think it might make a better miniseries than a movie.

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