Festival Scheduler – Beta

I’ve created a small web application that should make scheduling festivals easier. I’m still working on it, but please check it out and provide feedback.

Just to be clear: This application is not intended as a replacement for BSide.com. Since I do this “out of my garage”, I am unlikely to provide the community aspect that they do any time soon — like, until I retire. I’m not going to call it “social networking” because at a festival like Fantastic Fest it isn’t about networking, it’s about a rich community of people who love movies. I see many FFest attendees year-round at the Drafthouse for special events, and others on sites like Aint It Cool News. I already know their faces and, if my mental acuity is up, I even remember some of their names. ;) So this tool is simply a (better IMO) way to build a schedule based on prioritizing which movies you most want to see. Once you’ve used it, take the information you gather here and plug it into BSide.com.

It now has all the data loaded for Fantastic Fest 2009. Click on the link for this year’s festival below then read the directions. If you find any errors or discrepancies, please click on the email icon and send me a message explaining the issue.

Keep in mind that while I’m working on it you may see errors or tracing data or all kinds of wierd things.

You must log in or register to use the application. Registration is free and I promise that Rollerfeet.com will do the best we can to keep your email address out of the hands of spammers.

Follow these links to launch the festival scheduler.

Fantastic Fest 2012
Fantastic Fest 2011
Fantastic Fest 2010
Fantastic Fest 2009
ACL Fest 2008
Fantastic Fest 2008