September 28, 2006

etriganEntertainmentFantastic Fest: Day 7

The District - How do you get enough money to solve the conflicts in your ghetto between the gypsies and the gangbangers so you — a gypsy boy — can spend time with your gangbanger’s daughter girlfriend? Invent a time machine and bury some mammoths in the prehistoric past under your future district. The animation and music in this film are phenomenal but I was uncharacteristically annoyed at the many subtitles.

Jack Stevenson’s: Uncensored - Jack Stevenson is an archivist and author who now lives in Denmark. He showed a few clips covering the depiction of sex in the film world that started in Sweden and Denmark and, of course, quickly made it to the States. I would attach a picture to this item, but this is a family show. If you have an interest you can read the book.

Your Name Here - The internet archive is one of the best things in this virtual world and I was especially glad to see Industrial Film Parody “Your Name Here” on the big screen before this night’s big event.

El Laberinto del Fauno - I refuse to call this stunning new offering from Guillermo del Toro by it’s pandering US release name. It’s marketed as a fantasy piece, but the core of this film is about post-war Spanish fascists trying to extract guerillas from rural mountains. The reality of his stepdaughter’s relationship with a fantasy world is only a part of this wonderful story that will surely get a foreign film Oscar nod.

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