May 19, 2005

jankEntertainmentRevenge of the Sucks A$$

(Like there’s not about a million blog entries with the same title today)

Went to see Revenge of the Sith tonite. Before I get to spoilers, let me lay claim to two quotes:

“Luke, I knew your father. George Lucas was once a great filmmaker, until he was destroyed by the Dark Side” and

“Much like the first trilogy, the second movie was the best one of the three.”

So let me get this straight: Darth Vader, the baddest bad guy ever to grace the silver screen, turns evil over a chick? The guy who sits there and chuckles as entire planets are snuffed out decided to go over to the dark side for the children?

Ummmm. Yeah. Right.

Check, please?

Kind of like the dude who went back and edited out Jar-Jar from Episode I, I’m completely tempted to go back and overdub any and all dialogue dealing with the kids with Darth Vader’s lines from Empire. Straight up desire for power and control. Something. Anything.

Here’s the deal - Anakin didn’t really put up any sort of defense against the dark arts like Luke did. Palpatine had him at Hello. There was never any conflict between good and evil in him, at least not convincingly. There was no “path to the dark side” - Anakin was already there. I had hope during the battle with Dooku, but that was quickly snuffed out.

Other than that, the movie was cool.

But you don’t become the (second) most evil person in the galaxy over a whiny chick who dresses funny. Even if you did have a crappy childhood. And poof! like that, my childhood mythology is wiped out in a bit of postmodern relativism.

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