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Reclaiming Fitspo: Ashley Fiolek

Fiolek is a 24 year old motocross racer from Dearborn, Michigan. She began riding at the age of 3, when her parents gave her a Yamaha PW50. Using training wheels, she and her parents often spent hours riding in the woods near their house. This love of motocross turned into competitive when she was 7 and started to race.

She is a four-time WMA champion. In 2008, Fiolek earned the title of WMX Pro National champion after her first professional win at the WMA Pro National Hangtown. Despite fracturing her collarbone during the race, she repeated this win the next year too. In 2009, Fiolek won her first X Games gold medal in Women’s Moto X Super X, and went on to win her second consecutive X Games Gold Medal in Super X Women’s in 2010.

In 2008, she became the first female motocross racer to get featured on the cover of TransWorld Motocross magazine, while 2012 got her on the cover of Vogue. Fiolek’s work in this sport has helped to propel women’s motocross into the mainstream, making it more acceptable for girls to participate in competitive racing. Although she is now retired, she continues to both ride and advocate for motocross.

Fiolek has been deaf since birth. Her TED Talk, called “Motocrossing Against All Odds,” discusses the drive and ambition that continue to push her forward in life. Her organization, the Ashley Fiolek Foundation, also works to bring more women into dirt biking and provide resources to underprivileged kids through grants and out-reach programs. 

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