Fantastic Fest 2012 Day 8: The History of Future Folk, Wrong, Lee’s Adventure, Tai Chi 0
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General Trius of the planet Hondo diverts from his mission to conquer earth when he hears music for the first time. He finds a wife, has a child, and performs with his banjo in night clubs until the Hondonians send another red-suited hero to follow-up. The History of Future Folk is funny and has heart, plus I bought the soundtrack.

Director Quentin Depieux made a splash at Fantastic Fest two year ago with his phenomenal absurdist action/comedy film Rubber. In this much anticipated return, his lead character Dolph Springer wakes up one morning to find his dog missing and as the title suggests several things aren’t right. Wrong is pretty absurd, but still accessible. It would fit well in a triple feature with Soderbergh’s Schizopolis and the aforementioned Rubber.

My expectations were set high by the reaction to previous screenings of Lee’s Adventure, which stars the son of Jackie Chan as a young man whose perception of time sometimes differs greatly from the rest of the world. His obsession to reclaim the love of his life is illustrated at times with intricate CGI and pseudo-anime, and almost constantly — to my chagrin — in voice-over. I’m not one to shy away from subtitles but when almost the entirety of your film is delivered to non-native speakers with text then your film is not entirely successful.

As a practicer of tai chi, I was excited to see a film on this year’s list that catered to my experience (although I learned Yang style and this story focuses on Chen style.) This steam punk tale of a kung fu prodigy seeking to learn Chen Tai Chi from the only master that teaches is a grand silly spectacle with a heavy dose of steam punk. Tai Chi 0 isn’t quite as representative of the discipline as I would prefer, but it’s good fu fun.

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