"…how was it before the economy weakened?"
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By Johnny Rollerfeet's Echo Chamber - Last updated: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

“…how was it before the economy weakened?”

This article by a Haitian “reviewing” life in America spurred a thought for me. Maybe we aren’t in a recession at all. Maybe America has simply experienced it’s first (big, notable) economic market correction. Much as gasoline prices spiked at the turn of the century but have remained fairly steady since, and now they more accurately reflect gas prices globally, what we are perhaps experiencing in America is a permanent shift of our economy as we start to match pace with the global economy. As lesser economic powers experience booms from the expansion of American business overseas — their booms from our boons? — our economy may have to shift down to accommodate.

(BillJank tweeted this link to Lonely And Rich: American Life As Seen By A Haitian Visitor : Planet Money : NPR.)

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