DVD New Releases – 5/18/2010
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Every week I make a list of notable discs being released so I can figure out what I “need” to buy. ;)

Invictus – Did anyone see this in the theater? I bet it was good…just not as good as all the Oscar winners it was released against.

When in Rome [Blu-ray] – The critics hated this, and despite my massive crush on Kristen Bell, I listened to them and never saw it.

Greatest American Hero: The Complete Series – I think there’s a parallel between this getting released within a week of “Heroes” getting canceled. Both of them started with promise and ended with whackness.

Tokyo Gore Police 1.5 (2pc) (Dub Sub) – This Fantastic Fest favorite gets a “Special Edition” release. This is one of those movies that if you haven’t heard of it, it probably isn’t your thing.

p.s. Also being released today is Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus [Blu-ray], a movie that got a lot of buzz just for the title, but I don’t remember anyone saying they liked it.

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