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Bobby Bones and the Tumblr scandal!  (I really have little idea…
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By Johnny Rollerfeet's Echo Chamber - Last updated: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bobby Bones and the Tumblr scandal!  (I really have little idea who Bones is since I’ve only listened to KLBJ and KUT in the a.m. for the last 15 years, but this is great internet intrigue.)



Tumblr Talk – Dudley and Bob Show – Austin, TX – May 3rd, 2010

For those who don’t know, my gateway onto the Tumblr platform was through the producer of a local morning radio show, Angela Davis. She’s always been an enjoyable character to listen to everyday, and I ended up becoming engrossed with the daily postings over at her awesome Tumblr blog West Whim (follow her!).

Yesterday, I ended up getting a shout-out on her morning show during a discussion where Angela describes her first Tumblr blocking by a competing radio personality. Austin’s very own milquetoast Ryan Seacrest-clone, Bobby Bones seemed to have issue with this post from Angela and has seemingly internet snubbed her. I believe that I have been blocked by the Bone man as well after this particular post.

It’s interesting to me that someone who is on the radio daily and is loved and adored by a certain listening demographic (who I like to call The Stupids) has such thin skin. I don’t care too much about the snub, but I enjoyed getting a mention on my favorite radio show and know that the Bone Man has listeners amongst the Austin Tumblr circuit. If you’re tired of celebrity birthdays and “Name That Tune”, you guys should switch over to 93.7 KLBJ FM and give it a listen. 

It’s infinitely better than the daily dribble spouted off by the Bonester and his lame crew.

You were my favorite Audience of One, Bryan. :D