DVD New Releases – 2/9/2010
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Every week I make a list of notable discs being released so I can figure out what I “need” to buy. ;) Not much going on this week in good releases.

Bronson – This was “received well-enough at Fantastic Fest”:http://fantasticfest.bside.com/2009/films/bronson_fantasticfest2009 and it _is_ a fun movie, but I was unimpressed with Tom Hardy’s ability to deliver Shakespeare, which is essential to pull off the grandiose heights the filmmakers were aiming for.

A Serious Man – Even this goy loved this incredibly Jewish movie. Artistically, this is the Coen Brothers’ best movie (though certainly not the funniest.)

Midgets vs. Mascots (Unrated) – I’m not sure how I missed this arthouse gem highlighted be a fistfight between Gary Coleman and Scottie Pippen. It also stars Jason Mewes (who is always funny), that guy from In Bruges who we _all_ thought was Peter Dinklage, and Little Richard.

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