DVD New Releases – 1/12/2009
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Every week I make a list of notable discs being released so I can figure out what I “need” to buy. ;) It’s a big week on the DVD release front. I guess now that the lazy holiday season is far over they think we need more reasons to not want to go back to work.

Unquestionably, this is one of the best movies I saw last year. Due to the juggling of release dates and distribution points, I don’t know if it would qualify for any Academy Awards, but it is phenomenal and deserves numerous awards.

This is probably the most beautiful film made last year. Any war time film is painful, and like most good war movies this one is not always about physical violence. It will be nominated for several Academy Awards, and it’s currently my favorite for cinematography and sound editing and design.

It’s Fellini’s greatest film. It’s hard to step back from this, and decide if non-cinephiles would like it.

I love this movie. It’s not perfect, but in the vein of romantic long-con films it is wonderful.

If you didn’t order the UK region-free release, now you can get a copy here in the U.S. Another great film with Oscar written all over it in invisible ink. Will Sam Rockwell be nominated for best actor, or will he be up for best _supporting_ actor with Kevin Spacey taking an actor nom?

There was a lot of critical love for this — 95% freshness rating on RT — but I’m not a fan of the frenetic story, nor what I see as the unfunny parts of British comedy. Still, it was great to see Anna Chlumsky in a big movie, and I can’t stop using the line “difficult, difficult, lemon, difficult”.

Patton Oswalt is, stand-alone, one of the funniest people I’ve seen, and this movie has an 88% freshness rating, so I can only blame it’s very short theatrical release for my not seeing it.

I still haven’t seen last year’s Academy Award winner for Foreign Film. I guess now I have no excuse (other than the potential depressing story line.)

After being so well-received at a number of festivals, and being nominated for several awards, and having an 87% freshness rating, I should have seen this too before it came out on DVD. Now, I’ll get my chance.

I’m only listing this because it seems so bizarre: a 1980 film, made in Italy, set in the USA, about prostitutes who help a man open a truck stop. Has this ever shown at Weird Wednesday? It seems like exactly the kind of thing they’d enjoy showing.

Starring Austin’s own Wiley Wiggins (who is a regular at Weird Wednesday) and directed by the Zellner brothers (childhood friends of my wife) this is another movie that I’ve taken too long to find a copy. If Best Buy carries it, this will be in my shopping cart tomorrow.

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