DVD New Releases – 11/17/2009
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Yeah, it’s been a couple weeks since I posted here. I’ve been unmotivated due to the complexity of creating these posts. So, I’m solving the problem by making it easier to write them, but less attractive to look at.

Every week I make a list of notable discs being released so I can figure out what I “need” to buy. ;) This week features a large handful of landmark films seeing their first high def render, and one of my favorite foreign films this year.


Chasing Amy is almost my favorite Kevin Smith movie. All the hubbub over the idea of “turning” Amy straight pisses me off. Sexuality isn’t binary for most people, and the variations have to do with individual connections. I think Chasing Amy presents that well. Clerks is not only a landmark film, but it’s a good film that’s very re-watchable.

Are either of these films worth an upgrade to Blu-Ray? Maybe on sale in a few months, but not at release-day pricing.

(Anyone else going to see Kevin Smith speak at the Long Center in March?)

No discussion needed. The cinematography of Fight Club — another landmark film — demands an upgrade to Blu-Ray.

Gone with the Wind is also a landmark film that can’t be denied on a new Blu-Ray version.

I already own Leon: The Professional twice over, but (again) this movie is too stunning to ignore on Blu-Ray.

I’m not sure how I made it this long without (one of my favorite directors) Steve Soderbergh’s landmark movie that is credited with breaking wide the door for independent cinema. Having Sex, Lies, and Videotape on Blu-Ray is a must for me.


The best popcorn movie of the year (so far), Star Trek (2009) needs some distance for objectivity, but it may be the best (only good?) of the 80’s revival movies, and we hope it spurs sequels. Hardcore fans will probably try to buy this twice, hoping to get their hands on the Amazon Limited Edition box set with the (over) 1 lb. Enterprise statuette.

Thirst is certainly the best vampire movie of the year. (I think I can say that safely, even though I have midnight release tickets to New Moon.) Chan Wook Park is an incredible director and his profane story of a vampire priest in love is also one of my top movies of the year.

I don’t watch a lot of anime, but that fanbase considers Evangelion to be an important film, so I’ll probably pick it up.

No, I’m not buying this. I wanted to point out that this seems like an all-win scenario for IFC Films, releasing a movie with a not-as-attractive Robert Pattinson. I suppose it wouldn’t do much damage to New Moon‘s business when it opens this weekend, but I haven’t heard anything good about it.

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