Fuming at AT&T
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By etrigan - Last updated: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

I’m trying to be understanding about the whole thing, but every time I look more into it, the madder I become. Sure, AT&T has to be concerned about their bottom line, but I’ve been doing the math and if _my_ bottom line is improved by kicking them to the curb then they really need to reassess where they put their bottom line.

At first, this was just about trying to get the new iPhone. I figured I would get one for me and give my wife my “old” one (that just came back new/refurb from the Genius bar two months ago). I’m willing to spend a little cash to do this, and it would give AT&T the chance to charge me another $30/month since we’d be adding an additional iPhone to our plan. I guessed it would benefit them to cut me a deal, but I’ve been rebuffed multiple times and told that I would have to pay $200 more per phone than the deal they are giving new customers.

So, I started doing the math, looking at many options including selling my current iPhone (which goes for “an amazingly good price”:http://cell-phones.shop.ebay.com/items/Cell-Phones-Smartphones__3g-iphone-white?_catref=1&_fln=1&_sacat=3312&_trksid=p3286.c0.m282 on eBay) and it turns out I could actually “make” money switching to T-Mobile, getting both of us the Google phone. (I could probably even take the money I’m “making” and buy “the new T-Mobile phone”:http://t-mobilemytouch.com/ when it’s released in the coming months.) Take a look at this:

| $ -360.00 | cancel AT&T |
| $ +350.00 | sell iPhone 3G on eBay |
| $ -300.00 | sign-up with T-Mobile; 3 lines; 2 G1/Android phones, 1 free phone |
| $ +492.00 | AT&T vs T-Mobile monthly ($156.00 – $115.00 = $41.00; x12 months) |
| – – – – – – |   |
| $ -182.00 | savings after a year with T-Mobile |

Looking at that savings and thinking about the increased cost to upgrade Becky and I to new iPhones (over $400), plus the extra monthly cost, makes me angry enough to consider canceling my AT&T U-Verse package, too. …I should start seeing how much I could save by doing that.

f AT&T.

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