Google To Sell Out YouTube?
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If you are only watching YouTube to replace your AFV(America’s Funniest Home Videos or as Becky calls it: “Taking’ It In The Nuts TV”) addiction then it’s time to stop being a luddite. There is a wealth of user-generated content that represents either the future of entertainment, or the future generation of entertainers … depending on how YouTube evolves. With the recent announcement that “YouTube will change its homepage focus”: to content that is more ad agency friendly (pronounced “commercial”), even more people are likely to miss the user-generated content since it is assuredly less attractive to Madison Ave.

The guy who wrote “YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts”: offers “this advice”: to Google. I hope they listen to him, because I sincerely believe in this medium as powerful up-and-coming mojo. It is “Eudora”: of 1990, “Mosaic”: in 1993, or “PowWow”: in 1995. It is a forward-thinking technology that (sooner than later) will be widely used. It would be a shame to let it slip into another company’s hands.

Here’s a list of my favorite comedians and vloggers. Many of them skew young (college and high school) simply because they’re the ones who adopt online technology the quickest.

* “Wheezy Waiter”: – A Chicago based former-waiter, current web-designer, and comedian. Be sure to catch Free Bagel Friday, his amazing time travel journeys, and his foul-mouthed coffee-drinking mother in the window.
* “College Humor”: – Originally a juvenile outlet for takin’ it in the nuts, now a sketch group that along with…
* “Barats and Bereta”: – …deliver the funny just as good as Andy Samberg’s The Lonely Island or Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die.
* “Molly Lewis”: – A ukulele-playing songwriter who made the top views lists with songs about the future of MySpace, and a “certain astronaut stalking naval officer”: Now, she’s a top contender for “Masters of Song Fu”: along with Hank Green, one of the…
* “Vlog Brothers”: – Originally two brothers, one writer and one musician, using only YouTube to communicate for all of 2007, now they’ve expanded to include a nerd support community called “NerdFighters” that works to combat World Suck.
* “Five Awesome Girls”: – Each taking a day of the week, five friends that met through YouTube and Harry Potter conventions, posted a video each weekday of 2008. Two of the girls (Kristen and Lauren) are popular Wizard Rock singer-songwriters…well, as popular as Wizard Rock bands can get.

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