Five Movies You’re Not Supposed To See (in the U.S.A.)
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Due to the mechanations of corporate studios and distributors there are movies that get released in foreign countries, but not in the US. Here’s a list of five movies that are worth seeing, but are illegal to watch in the US, and what you would have to do just to watch them is often technically complex. After this list I will even show you how the internet enables this shameful illegal activity.

The biggest problem with seeing these in the U.S. is they have a “region code” that restricts their usage to other countries. They are also shown in a format that is incompatible with US displays. Several of these discs even include further copy-protection schemes to prevent their usage outside of the intended countries.

This can be solved in several ways, all of which act in a legally gray area so you probably should never ever do any of these things. To watch them on a computer you could buy “AnyDVD”: which removes all the copy protections and even makes it easy to copy a DVD presumably for backup purposes. To watch the movies on your high-def television you could buy an “open region multi-format DVD player”: that also upconverts to make things look better. To watch movie on a non-high-def television you would want the “standard version”: of this DVD player.

The next problem is getting your hands on a copy of the movie. “Fighter”: can be purchased from the UK version of Amazon. “I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK”:, “The Good, The Bad, The Weird (DVD; Region Code 3)”:, and “A Quiet Love”: can be purchased through resellers at Amazon. (Be sure to check the ratings of a reseller before you buy. Another legal concern is that some of the discs sold by resellers may be illegitimate high quality versions of the movie.) As a last resort the Asian site “Yes, Asia” often has copies of movies like “4bia (DVD; Region Code 3)”:


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