OBT before 40
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This is another cross-post from Facebook. I have to find a way to pick/choose Notes that I want to also hit this blog so that I don’t have to do this double-work.

I begin to realize that I have never completed anything big in my life, mainly due to my lack of focus — too many interesting things to do at once. I know that I _can_ finish something awesome and I have a list of potential activities. I would like you to help me pick that activity. Between now and my 40th birthday party (April 29, 2010) I will complete that task based on you input. Please, leave comments and suggestions. I will decide on March 29th, 2008 and update this page (and the Facebook event page) with my progress.

Being me, I’ve made a chart breaking down each task with three ratings: artistic/analytical/mechanical. (Ratings are 1-5 with 5 representing the most effort.)

This is the list of activities I will choose from:

* Learn Processing : 5/5/1 – Processing is a programming language applied to visual media mostly for art, but I think there will be a day that it will have commercial applications. I would like to create an installation quality presentation, and have it appear in a gallery. http://is.gd/kgTA

* Learn Accordion and/or Ukulele : 5/2/4 – I’ve started the beginning process of learning these instruments then I hit a wall (separate rhythms on each hand – accordion; tuned my baritone uke to standard – too lazy to restring).

* Write a novel/screenplay : 5/4/1 – I’ve got a dozen ideas for original novels, and half-dozen for “based-on” screenplays. (And if Brian Walters can write three novels that were published on Amazon…)

* Develop an iPod/iPhone game : 4/5/1 – I don’t know Objective C yet, and I’m not a very good artist, but I’m sure I can come up with a creative, progressively challenging game.

* Construct a DIY Bargain Studio : 1/3/5 – I’ve got about a dozen plans for building inexpensive camera/lighting rigs that would support my movie creation jones. http://is.gd/kh5N

* Learn R : 2/5/1 – Data analysis and metadata creation/design is a longtime love of mine. R is the new/applied SQL and could be a powerful career boost. – http://is.gd/UeB

* Learn Mashup (Music) Creation : 3/4/1 – I have a fairly broad (but simple) base of music theory including rhythm as of late. The mashup meme is old, but the style will probably live forever. http://is.gd/130K

* Create Independent Web 2.0 Site : 2/5/1 – I have a few ideas for expanding on the existing concepts of social computing, and with my knowledge in automation through programming I think I could do this well.

* Become a Vlog Personality : 3/3/2 – My obsession and inspiration of the Vlog Brothers and 5AG drives me to attempt my own YouTube channel. Do I have the charisma? Could I find a unique voice? Is my skin thick enough to survive flaming?

* Create Facebook Application(s) : 2/4/1 – I’ve already created two independent applications that I could rewrite for Facebook, and I believe FB will survive the social web flood. This also has the potential to change my career.

Ok…I’m ready for your input…try to be nice, though.

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