Fantastic Fest: Day Seven
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A surprise secret screening screwed up many festival schedules, including mine as I had to skip seeing the Terror-Western called The Burrowers. Still, I had one of my best days at the fest and I’m feeling apathetic about tonight. I am extremely excited about the final events, sad at the thought that it is all over for another year, yet I am simultaneously glad at the thought of having my life back.

* “Outsource”: – Outsource is a highly polished Sci-Fi short that descriptions give away. It is interesting and perfect short material.
* “Surveillance”: – A good thriller is more than death with a twist ending. At some point the audience needs to empathize with the people on-screen. Although if you believe that all policeman are corrupt assholes then maybe you will connect with this movie. The evil smalltown cops are entertaining themselves by messing with the citizens-of-no-redeeming-qualities while a serial killer is on the loose. Sometimes you have no choice but to root for the serial killer. Then again, when the jerk who introduces the film gives away the plot before the movie has started…well, that might just be another straw on the pile.
* “Astropia”: – “Dorks and Damsels in Distress” is the subtitle or tagline for this funny heartwarming story of a model who finds a job/home in a comic book store. I think that 2006’s “Gamerz”: and 2005’s “Night of the Living Dorks”: were better, but it looks like a new subgenre is emerging that is a big hit for the geek world.
* “Appaloosa”: – Ed Harris delivers a very solid western, directing and playing one of the two leading men who get hired by a small New Mexico frontier town to keep the peace after the Marshal goes missing. Viggo Mortensen and Renée Zellweger helped deliver a classic Western story. Becky has even been convinced that she may really like the genre.
* Before I review the double-feature, be sure you know what “Pinku”: films are. These two films were brought to the festival as part of a retrospective, and it was my first time to attend a retrospective presentation at FF. With quality like this it is likely I will look for more retrospective offerings.
** “A Lonely Cow Weeps At Dawn”: – A dead son (and cow) leaves behind his wife and father alone on the farm. In her love and devotion for the senile old man, she pretends to be the cow while a local magnate-wanna-be tries to get the deed for the land. This film is more touching than you expect.
** “S&M Hunter”: – With the humor and soundbank of Kung Fu Theater, a man who can attack/subdue a woman with ropes — binding them in a very profession manner…yes, people get paid for bondage — rescues a man’s boyfriend who was kidnapped by an all-girl gang. Hilarity, bondage and nudity ensue in this very amusing film.
* “Rolemodels”: – Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott star in this buddy movie about two guys forced to do community service by mentoring a LARPing geek and a foul-mouthed angry black boy. The movie is very funny and also includes some great stuff from Jane Lynch (of 40 Year Old Virgin fame) and the lovely Elizabeth Banks. Still, it wasn’t as funny as the Q&A with Paul Rudd and David Wain. If you ever get the chance to hear Paul’s story about meeting the youngest survivor of the Titanic, make him tell it.

Videos after the break


Astropia Q&A

Bill Pullman – star of Surveillance

Jasper Sharps – Author of “Behind The Pink Curtain”

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