Sliding Screen Door
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The night before we headed out for vacation, Kelly mentioned that we should look into getting “roll-up” screen doors. I was intrigued by the idea and set my mind to learn more. Lucky me that Evie had one installed on her back door. It’s a “really simple affair”: and may mature more before it is perfect, but I really like the convenience…and being a Southern man, I love a screen door. We may have to get a set for “the room”: we had renovated.

{background:#ddd}. |\2=. |\2=. |\2=. |
{background:#ddd}. |\2=. The handle (on the right) is functionally hidden flush under the hinged edge of the door.|\2=. A track at the top and bottom guides the screen door.|\2=. The leading edge pulls the screen out of the roll evenly across the track.|
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{background:#ddd}. |\3=. The handle hits against a magnet on the far side holding it closed, and there is a latch to secure it.|\3=. From a distance it looks like any screen door.|

Becky does a demo:

==  ==

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