McCain vs Detainees – Really?!?
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The press is afraid to fully say it, but I will be glad to call John McCain’s on “his interpretation of the recent SCOTUS ruling”: When McCain says that the law he helped craft “made it very clear that these are enemy combatants, they are not citizens, they do not have the rights of citizens”, he is suggesting that this ruling gives these detainees the rights of citizens. It does not, from what I’ve read. What it does say is that a human being of any nationality that is being held by the US government has the right of “habeas corpus”: — that it is unlawful (and immoral) to hold a man indefinitely without giving them the right to defend themselves. The ruling makes it clear that the “military courts” the conservatives have been trying to define are not sufficient to the standard.

One of the things that surprises me about John McCain’s reaction is that he was a prisoner of war who was denied these rights, and yet somehow he doesn’t think these people deserve better. Habeas corpus is based on the true Christian values that this country was based on — treating men equally whether or not you align with their religious convictions. To deny this right to the people we are detaining is to treat them in a manner that shames me.

It certainly doesn’t help my opinion of McCain when he associates himself with the a hypocrite of Lindsey Graham’s level. “…the greatest of these is charity…” unless you’re a detainee and then we’ll lock you up for five (or more) years. Graham’s “amendment to the DoD Authorization Act”: — what the Supreme Court was decrying with this ruling — shows his lack of compassion, so it was no surprise to hear him standing next to McCain sayng:

bq. What happened yesterday was unprecedented. Americans are going to be shocked to find that that mastermind of 9-11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, now has the same legal standing as an American citizen.

He’s either the worst spin man in Washington, or he’s a judicial idiot. In no way does this decision give detainees the full legal standing of an American citizen. It simply gives them the rights any captive should have.

I was supportive of Bob Dole several years ago when he announced his intention to run for POTUS, then he started his campaign and began spouting dogmatic anti-Christian attitudes. I had strong positive feelings for McCain before the campaign started. I really thought he could be a good modern face for conservatives. Now it is becoming clear that he wants to continue (what has apparently become the true thrust of) the neo-conservative attitude — increasing international inequity, restricting freedom and promoting violence in the world.

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