Bald Knob Trip, Memorial Day 2008
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I took almost no pictures or video of my trip this weekend to Liberty Valley (outside Bald Knob, AR), but here are a few that’ll give you something other than a blank screen to stare at.

On the way out, I came across these candy jewels at a truckstop. They are similarly configured like the peanut butter M&Ms except the core is made of crispy rice and the chocolate has a mint flavor. If you can find these limited edition sweets, I recommend you grab a pack.

We passed this very fluffy dog in the back of a pickup.

My cousin, LB, has a baby boy, Cayde, who is very happy…in the mornings only. :)
note: inclusion of happy baby pictures should in no way indicate any desire on the posting party’s part to actually have a baby. i’m super happy that my cousins have them, but they’re not for me.

Most people have problems visualizing how far out my Grandma’s house is…well, now it’s LB’s house across from my Aunt Kay. This video was taking from the crossroads where they live to where the pavement starts. At 35-40mph it is two and a half minutes before you reach the paved road.

Click the button to blow this sucker up full screen and be patient. I found out my new camera can be set to video some pretty cool lightning effects.

I was at the intersection where US-167 splits north (and US-64 splits east) from US-67 when I hit the reset button on the trip computer, so I’m technically missing over 8 miles of slow driving from the overall statistics here. However, this gives you an idea of how long it takes (and what speed it takes) to get from Bald Knob, AR to Austin, TX. The stopped time is inaccurate, though. We spent at least 15 minutes making the regulatory stop in West, TX to grab some kolaches.

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