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Becky and I caught a few films at Tribecca Film Festival. Here’s the scoop on our favorite:

My guess is the marketing for a US release of “+Fighter+”: will focus on the excellent fu choreography but chop-heads should read the fine print before rushing out to see “this Danish”: film about a teenage Muslim Turkish immigrant girl who just wants to practice martial arts. The core of the film is a story as old as +Footloose+, Aicha loves kung fu more than anything else including boys and school but all her father cares about is the family’s image. Her brother is trying to get engaged to a woman whose father is a man of means…well, more means than Aisha’s family has. Just when her father tells her to quit fighting and prepare her grades for med school she is offered a spot to train with the best kung fu team in town.

Natasha Arthy (director), Master Xian Gao (fight coreographer, and actor), and the actor who played the movie’s foil were in attendance. They discussed the parallels of Copenhagen’s growing right wing conservatism (and its impact on the Turkish immigrant community) alongside the Muslim ideal of family honor. Master Gao answered questions about his coreography and the wirework that was used sparingly in the film.

In Danish and Turkish with a little Mandarin and English, the film is an excellent cross cultural story about identity and girl power. (Becky can’t wait for the chance to take her BBBS mentee to see it.) The fight choreography is amazing. Master Gao commented that this was the first film he worked on where the fight scenes were really integrated into the story line, and I agree that the fight sequences were well mixed with the family drama and coming of age storylines.

The film’s star was simply perfect for the role, equally believable in poignant scenes with her father and in the numerous scenes where she is kicking serious ass. She is an untrained actress (studying to be a pahrmacist — wth?!?) with a blackbelt in karate. She should give up her dreams of dispensing pills, but I don’t know how profitable the field of action film acting is in Copenhagen.

There are certainly better kung fu movies, but this is a great mixed genre film with some fantastic moments.


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