Homestar Runner Calls For Calm During Photiades Household Crisis
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SBCG4AP is rumored to be headed for a small home in Portland, Maine. The owner of the home, Kevin Photiades (52), had this to say “No, TVs and Wiis have no place in my home.” Despite the utter super badness of Strongbad in his own video game Photiades denies any desire to purchase a Nintendo Wii this summer. He continued, “I don’t care about the awesomeness of “Strongbad and his bleeding edge Mode 8 graphics”: I will not expose my son to that ridiculous filth.” Nintendo’s plans to forge new ground by releasing a video game from the very popular but strange hipster webcomic only through online distribution falls on deaf ears at the Photiades household.



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Comment from k-pho
Time April 14, 2008 at 6:37 am

52. Nice. Very nice.

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