Chernobyl? Eh, not so bad…
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Further fueling my fervor that nuke power is the salvation to all things from terrorism to global warming is the “WaPo”: article from a couple weeks back saying that in hindsight, Chernobyl wasn’t exactly the end of the world:

bq. The 600-page report found that as of the middle of this year, the accident had caused fewer than 50 deaths directly attributable to radiation, most of them among emergency workers who died in the first months after the accident …

Which isn’t so bad until you hit the part about unusable land:

bq. The report also found that except for a nearly 20-mile exclusion zone around the reactor, radiation levels have returned to acceptable levels in many areas where land had been abandoned for fear of contamination. “By radiological criteria alone a significant part of the abandoned agricultural lands (more than 70 percent) could be returned to economic use,” the report said

Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe…

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