Mmmmm, goat
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By etrigan - Last updated: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - Save & Share - 3 Comments

“This dude”: is living with 70 goats in his house, and 300 on his property. There were three when he bought the house seven years ago.

Weathersbee, 63, admits he cannot afford to give the herd sufficient care, but he refuses to get rid of the animals. He said his Buddhist religious views prohibit him from slaughtering any of the goats.

“Getting rid of goats means killing them,” he said.

…Weathersbee said he wants time to find a group that does not believe in slaughtering animals to take the 30-acre farm and house. In exchange, he wants to remain with the goats, living in the barns and fields.

This sounds like a job for the mafia. Maybe those goats could meet with some tragic (but delicious) accidents involving spit roasting over an open fire, stewing with some tomatos, saffron, and garlic, or ka-bobs.

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3 Responses to “Mmmmm, goat”

Comment from Becky
Time March 30, 2004 at 10:26 am

JRO — Yes, goats are cute. No, this man and his goats can not come live with us.

Comment from etrigan
Time March 30, 2004 at 10:31 am


Ya’ll should back me up on this. I keep telling Becky we can get a couple kids — they are so fun to play with when they’re young and their horns are coming in — then when they get older we’ll make chilli!

Comment from KMc
Time March 30, 2004 at 10:43 am

And I keep telling Cynthia we need to be sure we can have a goat wherever we buy a house so we can have a constant supply of fresh goat cheese.

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