More good news in Iraq
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(Not under politics because I think we can all agree that regardless of why, Iraq’s potential upside is infinately improved with Hussein gone, and the promise of democracy two months away)

“Iraq’s Health Agency”: is back in Iraqi control. What a difference a year makes! Saddam only provided $16 million for health care in his 2002 budget, a wretchedly low sum that should again prompt questions about how the (dig edited out) Oil-for-Food program was operated. In FY 2004, however, the health budget received an enormous 60-fold increase, providing $948 million for 26 million Iraqis. At the end of the war, Iraq possessed only 300 tons of pharmaceuticals on hand. Compare this to the 35,000 tons of drugs distributed this year alone, a total that notably includes 30 million doses of children’s vaccinations.

(Don’t read the extended note if you just want to revel in the good vibe on Iraq)

(Not meaning to spoil the good vibe, but the following occurred to me:)

Before you start crying about why we don’t have socialized medicine in the US like we provided in Iraq, though, chew on “this”: : Health and Human Services is budgeted at almost $575 Billion for FY 2005, or over $2K from and for every man, woman, and child in the country. Iraq’s health care is budgeted at about $4 for every Iraqi.

So I’ll actually ask the question – at the current budget levels, why don’t we have socialized medicine? I know for a fact that between me and my employer, we spend slightly less than $8K a year to provide pretty decent coverage for me and my family…

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