Movies That Deserve More Love
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CHUD(Cinematic Happenings Under Development) has a new Top 100 out of [“movies that deserve more love”:]. The list is a little too heavy on the sci-fi/fantasy, but makes for a good read. Let me pull out a few selections to highlight:

*I Agree*.:

* 2. The Devil’s Backbone (2001) – saw this at Dobie and it’s slow but scary and beautiful; it shares a lot of visual technicians from “The Others”: which is another fine “alternative” to horror films
* 12. Equilibrium (2002) – came and went in the theaters over one weekend, so I had to download an internet bootleg; liked it so much I bought the DVD release
* 22. Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) – I am a child of the 80s after all.
* 48. LA Story (1991) – I almost made a list of “doesn’t it get plenty of love”, but maybe everyone doesn’t include this gem in their favorite flicks of all time.
* 68. Big Night (1996) – maybe the best “family love” movie ever
* 97. A Life Less Ordinary (1997) – may be too odd for most folks, especially the musical numbers but it’s a great love story
* 98. The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) – we all know to love this one, right?
* 100. Falling Down (1993) – dark, so dark, but funny while it’s getting there and touching at the end

*I Need To See!*:

* 4. Nightwatch (1997) – being a big Ewan McG fan I don’t know why I missed this one
* 49. The Specials (2000) – I laughed at “Mystery Men”: so I bet this will crack me up, too.
* 53. Liberty Heights (1999) – how’d I miss this?
* 70. 25th Hour (2002) – I’m not ususally a Spike Lee fan, but I loves me some Anna Paquin

*Where It Be?*:

* “Joe Versus The Volcano”: – a highly under appreciated Hanks/Ryan film; I know several BPB readers recognize this movie deserves more love
* “Tank Girl”: – anything with a musical number popping out mid-film with no prior or following reference has to get more love
* “The Rundown”: – this may get more love in video — it was released yesterday and sold out at my local Target (but they had a ton of Gothika for some reason); the best opening action sequence ever, a great Christopher Walken bit in the middle, and a brimstone-poem spouting Ewen Bremner during the climax — you gotta love it

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One Response to “Movies That Deserve More Love”

Comment from Jank
Time March 24, 2004 at 6:03 pm

My short list:
– 23. She’s the One Believe it or not, we watched this one obsessively while I was on good ship ANNAPOLIS (Along with Burn’s first flick, “The Brothers Mc Mullen”). Something about being locked up with other men made us crazy to get back to our womenfolk.
– 28. Top Secret But I’m into goofy crap like this
– 41. Temple of Doom Right on with for an entire generation of 70s and 80s kids, this was the coolest and scariest thing wed ever seen. I seem to recall watching this one evening on HBO while I was babysitting (after the kids were asleep), and being petrified. But, I was scared my folks would find out I’d watched it, so I had to sit and stew in an empty house hoping the parents would get home early…
– 50. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey “Dude, you just melvined Death!”
– 62. Stir of Echoes Missy and I got this one pretty soon after she started the whole Netflix thing, and it was so creepy we couldn’t do the whole flick in one evening. Nice for cold night on the couch.
– 66. Ed Wood This one, I blame on Anna Aslin. Good flick, but I don’t know if I’d be so attached to it if I hadn’t watched “Plan 9 from Outer Space” at least once a year from the seventh grade through high school graduation.
– 73. Beautiful Girls Another flick that was worn out on the ANNAPOLIS. Made me finally read “Lolita” to try to understand how Natalie Portman could be so smokin’ but the feeling so wrong at the same time. I was going to mention this as a film left out, but it wasn’t.

Is he smoking crack?
– 35. The Edge This was bad, bad, bad. I was hoping for one to eat the other, then for a bear to eat the survivor.
– 51. Universal Soldier I’m all for bad action movies; this one was BAD. No personality, mediocre effects, etc.

Ones I’d like to see
– 54. Shadow of the Vampire

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