Possible U.S. War Crime
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It is easy to discard news sites like “Information Clearing House”:http://www.informationclearinghouse.info as anti-establishment versions of WWN(The Weekly World News), but it’s important to at least consider the possibilty that “stories of attrocities comitted in Afghanistan”:http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article3267.htm by U.S. soldiers might be true.

(warning: distrubing descriptions follow)

bq. It tells the story of thousands of prisoners who surrendered to the US militarys Afghan allies after the siege of Kunduz. According to eyewitnesses, some three thousand of the prisoners were forced into sealed containers and loaded onto trucks for transport to Sheberghan prison. Eyewitnesses say when the prisoners began shouting for air, U.S.-allied Afghan soldiers fired directly into the truck, killing many of them. The rest suffered through an appalling road trip lasting up to four days, so thirsty they clawed at the skin of their fellow prisoners as they licked perspiration and even drank blood from open wounds.

bq. Witnesses say that when the trucks arrived and soldiers opened the containers, most of the people inside were dead. They also say US Special Forces re-directed the containers carrying the living and dead into the desert and stood by as survivors were shot and buried. Now, up to three thousand bodies lie buried in a mass grave.

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