National Park Razing
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Taking a queue from their leadership, park rangers are being asked to censor their language when they communicate to the public that budget cuts are forcing them to close more often and offer fewer services.

bq. Denny Huffman, of the Coalition of Concerned National Park Service Retirees, said the leaked memos show park bosses were told to consider closing visitors centers on Sundays and holidays this summer while agency leaders were kicking off a tourism campaign to boost park visitation.

bq. “He suggested that if you feel you must inform the public through a press release on this year’s hours or days of operation, for example, that you state what the park’s plans are and not to directly indicate that ‘this is a cut’ in comparison to last year’s operation,” reads the e-mail, apparently written by Northeastern Deputy Regional Director Sandy Walters. If pressed, “use the terminology of ‘service level adjustment’ due to fiscal constraints” to describe the cuts, the memo said.

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