Where all the children are above average
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Since articles from “Salon”:http://www.salon.com keep popping up, here’s a gem from “NRO”:http://nationalreview.com/derbyshire/derbyshire200403180921.asp

(Y)ou should entertain the possibility that we already have all the laws we need, and that the republic would probably get along just fine if no new laws were passed for a few years. Twenty years ago we had several hundred less federal laws than we have now. I suppose that in some ways we were worse off in 1984; but things weren’t bad.

The “All the children are above average” refers to this part about “No Child Left Behind”:

The law also states, insanely, that by 2014 all American students must be ‘proficient’ in reading and math. … Yet the shape of the bell curve guarantees that most schools will fail. No amount of accountability, incentives and superduper teaching can possibly get all the kids in any sizable school up to 100% proficiency by 2014. The act supported by all those hardheaded businessmen is utterly utopian. (This isn’t Derbyshire, but a columnist for “Forbes.”:http://www.forbes.com

It’s good to know that there are still some small-government conservatives out there. If only we could get through to the White House.

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