National Pollsh*t
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By KellyMc - Last updated: Wednesday, March 3, 2004 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

A lot of good “blah, blah, blah”: at this blogsite that boils down to one excellent quote.

bq. “??National poll numbers are irrelevant,??” Zogby says. “??What is relevant is how the president plays in the Red states, and how the Democrats play in the Blue states.??”

Everytime I see those national poll numbers, I fall for it, too. We all learned last election that in the end it’s only the vote in a few states that counts. Texas (and paranthetically, my) votes don’t mean a diddly in the big picture or even the small picture. Hmmm…it looks like none of the BPB votes will mean anything.

p.s. I hope _reeder_ bites on my attempt to create a new grammatical pet peeve.

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