Texas: Making Pollution Profitable
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If Texas Republicans aren’t to blame for “polluting being more profitable than cleanliness”:http://www.statesman.com/news/content/auto/epaper/editions/monday/news_0424de9e86da103500d2.html (registration required), they certainly will have to bear the burden to fix it. (Of course, since the ‘Pubs have held the Governer’s seat and majority in the State House and State Senate for nearly a decade they can’t exactly point the finger elsewhere.)

bq. State environmental regulators calculated that Amoco Oil Co.’s Texas City refinery saved $123,013 by failing to control emissions of potentially health-damaging levels of sulfur dioxide. The fine, assessed in March 2002, was $11,893.

When the Statesman is attacking the GOP controlled gov’ment, you know something is up.

bq. “In Texas, the majority of polluters aren’t fined, and even when they are, it’s well-documented that the fines are often lower than what the companies saved by breaking the law,” said Luke Metzger of the Texas Public Interest Research Group. “This is sending a clear message to polluters that it pays to pollute.”

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