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By cynsmith - Last updated: Tuesday, September 30, 2003 - Save & Share - 5 Comments

G@#d*%^ Regional Coverage.
I have to watch the Horns in a bar this weekend. Who the hell wants to see Clemson v Maryland? I can tell you right now how that game will come out – it’ll suck, compared to UT v KState.

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5 Responses to “WDYLIA”

Comment from Rick
Time September 30, 2003 at 10:44 am

Ha! My wife’s a bigger KC Chiefs fan than I am, and she’s only seen them once this year – because they were playing the Texans. They are undefeated and they play the undefeated division rival Broncos next week… certainly the game of the week. I’m curious to see if we get it. If not, I guarantee we’re in a bar, too.

Comment from doc
Time September 30, 2003 at 2:15 pm

Yeah, I’m pretty bent about the college football coverage here in Norman. The last two weeks, the ABC station has been running news and info-mercials in place of the noon football game. Quite disappointing.

Comment from jank
Time September 30, 2003 at 2:22 pm

Doc, you’re in Norman now. There are only 12 teams in the minds of the schdulers: OU and the 11 others it plays during the season. Why on earth would you want to watch the noon game?

Comment from doc
Time September 30, 2003 at 2:37 pm

Michigan two weeks ago, but at least I didn’t have to see that embarrasing loss. This past Saturday, I was really looking forward to watching TAMU get stomped on, but that too was spoiled.

Comment from Rick
Time September 30, 2003 at 3:03 pm

Yeah, but now you know to get rid of that extra tummy roll, and mend your curtains without pulling them down off the rod. I’m kind of jealous.

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