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This week’s EW has a fun (and really large) article endorsing the insurgence of e-music stores like “iTunes”:http://www.apple.com/itunes/ (Mac only, the s.o.b.’s) and “BuyMusic.com”:http://www.buymusic.com by providing TWENTY-FIVE themed mix-CD lists. Here’s a couple highlights (but you should pick up an EW for all the lists) and then my own list to add to the fun. Join in and provide a list of your own. The only limitation is that the tracks must be available via legal purchase/download channels and fit on a CD.

h5. A Rock Travelogue

# *New York* U2
# *Memphis* Chuck Berry
# *Miami* Counting Crows
# *Minneapolis* Lucinda Williams
# *Denver* Willie Nelson
# *London* Third Eye Blind
# *Santa Monica* Everclear
# *Dallas* Alan Jackson
# *Philidelphia* Mongo Santamaria
# *Hotlanta* the Allman Brothers

h5. Great Album Closers

# *Purple Rain* Prince
# *Are You Experienced* Jimi Hendrix
# *Train in Vain* the Clash
# *Gold Dust Woman* Fleetwood Mac
# *All Apologies* Nirvana
# *The Last Time I Saw Richard* Joni Mitchell
# *Here Comes A Regular* the Replacements
# *Hurt* Nine Inch Nails
# *In Your Eyes* Peter Gabriel
# *Desolation Row* Bob Dylan

h5. The Rollerfeet Experience

# *Roller Coaster Malpractice Intro (feat. Adam F. and G. Forbes)* Redman
# *Move Your Feet* Junior Senior
# *Love Rollercoaster* Ohio Players
# *Five Feet High And Rising* Johnny Cash
# *You Can’t Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd* Roger Miller
# *You Put Me On My Feet* Lester Flatt
# *Roller Skatin’ Mate* Peaches & Herb
# *Roller Coaster* Little Walter
# *Two Feet Tall* Hobbit
# *Rattlesnake Rock ‘N’ Roller* Blackfoot

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