The Horror
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By becky - Last updated: Friday, September 12, 2003 - Save & Share - One Comment

Yesterday, Salon ran an interview with up-and-coming horror movie director Eli Roth about his new (to wide release, anyway) flick, “Cabin Fever.” He comes off as a total jerk, but his movie is actually really good, a “must see” if you’re into that sort of thing.

I actually saw his movie last year at the All-Night-Horror-Thon that the Alamo Draft House hosted (a true WDYLIA event — a total blast!) and it really did kick ass. (And in another WDYLIA side note, I sat next to him at last year’s Butt-Numb-A-Thon. He brought his girlfriend, Jasmine, who wore leather to an event where you sit on your ass for 24 hours, but whatever.)

I’m not what you would call a horror movie “fan,” but this movie has all of the elements of the great ones — gore, stupid teenagers, rampant sexuality, and plenty of creepy tension. For you men in the audience, both of the female leads — the sexy slut brunette AND the girl next door blond — get naked. (A fact which Eli Roth himself is awfully proud of.)

At the time, his movie had just been picked up by New Line, but they were kindof screwing him over in favor of releasing the truly afwul “House of A Thousand Corpses” (a Rob Zombie movie, need I say more?) first . That movie was released in April, and bombed.

Now New Line seems to be behind “Cabin Fever” big time — I think they’re hoping for a “Blair Witch Project” response. I can’t do a full review of the movie cause it was 4 am when I saw it, after I’d been up for over 30 hours, but it was definetly a crowd favorite (among truly hard core horror fans) and I remember really liking it. I hated “Blair Witch,” so I’m irritated by the comparison, cause this movie actually deserves the hype.

Plus, it wins my award for “Best Casting Choice of 2002” — Rider Strong, the bad-boy best friend from “Boy Meets World” plays the lead.

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Comment from KMc
Time September 12, 2003 at 9:31 am

And it looks like Eli Roth might be a Special Achewood Fan (bottom right) because I can’t imagine Chris Onstad (the achewood guy) has it together enough to have an actual ad deal with Cabin Fever.

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