Jank 9/11 photoblog
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I was kicking myself for leaving the digital camera at the house this morning. Storms rolled through Houston and the sky was incredible. Went from grey to bright blue to black in minutes. Thunder and lightning cleaned out the haze, and one could see for miles.

In any case, I got home in time to hang out with my current favorite kiddo.

texas boy3.JPG

Probably the saving grace of my neighborhood is the bayou/drainage ditch running down the middle of it. Not exactly the most scenic place on earth, but it beats looking at six lanes of traffic.

creek east.JPG

A couple of the folks whose houses back up to the creek have planted gardens. It’s a huge temptation to snag a few fresh veggies during the summer. This one had some beautiful eggplants this evening.


Eventually, our wagon rolled back to the house.

It was bathtime.
jake tub.JPG

Our dogs made sure we were all right.

Finally, story time, and a Good Night.

God Bless America.

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