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By etrigan - Last updated: Thursday, September 11, 2003 - Save & Share - One Comment

The building behind these flags houses the Dell sub-company that handles Federal customers. They are the flags for the five main branches of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard.) When I arrived at work, the flags were at half-mast. When I went to lunch, they were at full-mast.


These flags went up in our cube area just after 9/11/2001. We have moved twice since then, but the flags were brought along and put back up each time.

I used to get really peeved at artists who “never wanted to explain”: their creations. Over the last couple years I started photographing clouds in the sky and I like to place the photographs in grids with white borders. I have lots of ideas I can give you for why I enjoy doing this and why it seems to fill my creative craving, but none of them are particularly profound in a way that you couldn’t derive on your own and I hope that someone can critique them someday and tell me something new about these collages that I had not considered before. So, I don’t like to explain it. These were all taken today and it gives me a moment of peace to see them arranged like this.

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Comment from jank
Time September 12, 2003 at 4:14 pm

The oddest thing I saw yesterday was flags at half staff at a cemetery. Again, wish I’d had a camera with me.

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