NIMBY and NFMF – Bi-Partisan Agreement
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By etrigan - Last updated: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - Save & Share - One Comment

In my continued effort to become a liberal wolf in moderate sheep’s clothing, I present to you the Bi-Partisan Dance of NIMBY(Not In My Back Yard) and NFMF(Not For My Family). (Hover your mouse over acronyms to see what they stand for.)

The recent power outage has feritlized a lot of Op Ed’s that “blast NIMBY and BANANA(Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone)”: groups and regulation. I think they’re asolutely right. This fear of power plants and (traditional or “otherwise”: is a little silly, and frankly the greenies who think it’s anything more noble than a money-grubbing attempt to save their property values should wise up.

Somehow I missed this story breaking in early 2001 during Bush’s first regime change. (I was probably still so distraught over the stolen election. ;o) John “Aschcroft’s nephew”: was given probation after being arrested with 60 marijuana plants. This “kind of justice”: seems to run in the bigger GOP family, yes?

bq. ??Ashcroft was sentenced to three years in the Missouri Department of Correction for a class C felony involving more than 35 grams of marijuana. The sentence was suspended, and he was placed on probation for three years and sentenced to 100 hours of community service, which he served…As I recall it, in his first month on probation, Alex had a positive urine test?? [ Editor’s Note: Remember, positive is negative…in a manner of speaking. ]

bq. ??Eric Edmundson, an electrical engineer in Pineville, Mo., served two years in Leavenworth federal prison after his August 1993 arrest for what police said were 51 marijuana plants growing on his property.??

NFMF(Not For My Family) is a bad acronym. One cold beer for anyone who can come up with one as good as NIMBY(Not In My Back Yard).

On the honey vs vinegar tip: Here’s a company that specializes in “creative camouflage”: to help keep the NIMBYites from having too much to complain about.

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One Response to “NIMBY and NFMF – Bi-Partisan Agreement”

Comment from jank
Time August 27, 2003 at 11:30 pm

Spent much of last November/December/January up in New Jersey, near Newark, and there was a stretch of road I frequented. I kept looking in awe at a single, large, evergreen tree amongst the leafless oaks, maples, etc, that lined the road. It was kind of unusual, since it looked kind of sparse like a west coast evergreen, unlike the dense east coast pines.

About the fifth time I passed, it, I finally saw the ladder going up the trunk, and realized it was a cell tower. If it’d been summer, I never would have noticed.

I also understand that churches with steeples are making a killing.

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