Another reason for Tort reform
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It often targets the wrong people. Asbestos, for instance. There’s an entire business sector which is no longer, and lots of companies (whose only sin was trying to protect their employees and customers in the event of a fire by installing asbestos insulation) that still have billions of dollars of suits outstanding from people who haven’t even gotten sick. All because asbestos exposure may increase the incidence of mesotheliomas, a certain type of lung cancer.

New studies “show”: , however, that mesothelioma may be caused by a virus instead of asbestos. The virus may have been spread by polio vaccine.

So does this mean that the out of business asbestos companies can get their money back? Or that survivors of folks who died in the WTC as the non-asbestos coated support members melted can sue the lawyers who have made a living suing asbestos manufacturers and users? How about the businesses who spent billions removing non-flaking asbestos to make sure they wouldn’t be victims of lawsuits?

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