WDYLIA Episode 2 – Part 2 (of 2 Parts)
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…Continued from “WDYLIA – Episode 2 – Part 1 (of 2 Parts)”:http://www.rollerfeet.com/backporchbeer/archives/000411.asp

During dinner we were supposed to be treated to a Austin-style fair-and-balanced all-genders-allowed wet t-shirt contest. (In a progressive nod to the PG-13 camp movie boobie-shot.) Unfortunately after a full frontal flash from an over-exuberant male competitor, the contest was shut down. Tim was in violation of part of the agreement the Drafthouse had with Camp Ben McCullough because of that. (At the bottom of this post is a link to the good pics from the contest and other pics from Harry and Co.) This embarrassing machismic display was a good indicator of what we were in store of for the rest of night — my only complaint for the evening. As the crowd coalesced from the break-out crafts and games sessions to the movie watching part of the evening, I was exposed to many of the non-Austinite uncivilized people who attended. (Call me a snob.) Despite the bad eggs, Tim and Harry put on a good show.

Introducing the movie and attempting to set the mood for the evening, local (Austin and Houston, now!) cable-access “horror-movie host”:http://www.geocities.com/horrorhostunderground/html/hosts/134b.htm “Professor Griffin”:http://members.fortunecity.com/profgriffin/www/episodes.html brought along his mental ward Dan-Dan and housemate Usher (two words – hubba hubba…and talented!) ran through a Freddy vs. Jason trivia challenge and capped the movie pre-show off with a fiery dance performance from Usher.


Tim and Harry introduced the movie and made one point clear. New Line really went out on a limb to bring the world premiere of “Freddy Vs. Jason”:http://us.imdb.com/Details?0329101 trusting the fans that showed up to Camp Hackenslash to not give away the ending for other fans before the movie was released. If we could be trusted with this film, New Line would repay the Drafthouse and AICN(Ain’t It Cool News) fanbase with a yet-to-be-named cool movie for our Halloween horror-movie-thon. (I’m sure it was just a coincidence that we got to see the brand new never-before-seen trailer for the new “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”:http://us.imdb.com/Title?0324216 before FvJ.) With that said, Tim kicked off the trailer reel.

A very impressive trailer reel. A trailer reel containing a trailer for every single Nightmare and Friday the 13th movie ever made(, including Jason X which was funnily trashily cool but makes 13th-fans angry because “That’s not even really part of the Friday the 13th story line.” … geeks!) It was great to reminisce about the good and bad films that lead up to this — sadly there are more bad than good, but it’s fun to laugh at them. The movie started and most of the crowd was quiet except for the deranged guy behind us…more about him in a later paragraph.


After the film, several limousines pulled up and Tim and Harry introduced the stars of the film and the director, “Ronny Yu”:http://us.imdb.com/Name?Yu,%20Ronny . “Robert Englund”:http://us.imdb.com/Name?Englund,%20Robert and “Ken Kirzinger”:http://us.imdb.com/Title?0329101 the new Jason (and Ronny) were all very gracious, offering intelligent and humorous insight into the long process of bringing this horror fan’s wet dream to celluloid. Again, though, the crowd mix was decidedly not typical for Drafthouse events as everyone crowded the stage and often shouted rude comments…including the psycho directly behind us.


bq. sidebar: My outdoor armchair neighbor for the evening (Marcos) is generally one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Despite his muscular frame and potentially threatening physique, you can’t know a friendlier Call Center programmer. I have to say all this to assuage your assumption that he typically exhibits the following behavior.

During the first reel of the film we were generally not disturbed, but as the second reel commenced, the guy behind us started mumbling angrily to himself. By the time the credits rolled he was pushing full-on lingual rage. He could not contain himself during the director/actor Q&A shouting loudly how much he hated the film and expletively describing his unhappiness. After several minutes Marcos had enough and hollered over his shoulder “SHUT THE F*CK UP!” at which point he negotiated an apparent truce with the guy. Except the guy started mumbling scant minutes after the verbal altercation and (later we were told by the other people behind us) started hitting himself in the chest and face. It was not long before his mumbling built to conversation level ranting and continued back to it’s pre-altercation shouting level. Marcos erupted again and this time physical threats were made. Eventually the guy exploded in a cloud of continuing rant and vigorous stuff-collecting from whence he exited the grounds and was never seen again. It turns out he was by himself and apparently his psychosis was tied to the sacred world of Jason Vorhees. I feel lucky he decided to not stick around.

Absent our crazy friend, the evening continued with an amenable viewing of several classic summer-camp movies.


“Sleepaway Camp”:http://us.imdb.com/Title?0086320 is purportedly _the_ classic summer camp horror movie. It carries a lot of cult baggage including the requisite “fanbase”:http://www.sleepawaycampmovies.com so I’m a little scared to dish on it. For a low budget film, it was well done and it’s got a twist that’s as surprising as the (spoiler alert — click carefully) “best-kept movie secret”:http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/movies_90s/98908 of all time. After the film, a Q&A was arranged with one of the films stars, “Jonathon Tierston”:http://us.imdb.com/Name?Tiersten,%20Jonathan . I say “arranged” because poor Jonathon had to put up with jeers from a very un-Drafthouse like crowd and received very few non-derisive questions. Jonathon has left the movie biz (or maybe it left him) and is currently singing and playing with his bad, “Ten Tiers”:http://www.tentiers.com . I’m not a big fan of Jonathon’s music and I think it’s a little disappointing the path his career took, but that’s no reason to give him grief at an open-air screening of his film-career apex.

Our next film, “Mad Man Marz”:http://us.imdb.com/Title?0082696 was a much better delivery of low budget horror film standards. The acting was mediocre, the requisite nudity was schweet and the special effects weren’t that special, but the story line progressed smoothly, the evil fornicators got what was coming to them and good fun was had by the incredulous laughing audience.

Our final film of the night was one I had on my list of STV(straight-to-video) intrigues that I was sure would deliver. A cast list including (the lovely talented, maybe-I’d-leave-my-wife-for-her) “Janeane Garofalo”:http://us.imdb.com/Name?Garofalo,%20Janeane, “David Hyde Pierce”:http://us.imdb.com/Name?Hyde%20Pierce,%20David, most of the cast of “The State”:http://us.imdb.com/Title?0130421 (yes, everyone’s favorite “Michael Ian Black”:http://us.imdb.com/Name?Black,+Michael+Ian) and so many others was sure to propel “Wet Hot American Summer”:http://us.imdb.com/Title?0243655 to phenomenal cult status. Unfortunately, the low points of “David Wain”:http://us.imdb.com/Name?Wain,%20David’s work on “The State” is what made it into his script for this film. The plot appears to be 4 or 5 funny bits about summer camp oriented characters alternately spliced together to fill out the length of a feature film. It doesn’t really work very well. How not well? When the first reel was finished (about an hour in) the clouds finally burst open and started pouring on the crowd. (This had to be after 5a.m.) No one seemed very disappointed when Tim announced the closing of the event and that we’d miss the second reel that night. I don’t know if I’ll ever make the effort to see the rest of it.

It was a soggy end to a great day. Despite the misbehaved crowd, Camp Hackenslash was a success and my only suggestion for next year is to reduce the number of heads and market to an Austin-only (friends and relatives welcome!) crowd.

p.s. Don’t miss the misogynist “photo spread”:http://www.aintitcoolnews.com/display.cgi?id=15848 at Ain’t It Cool News. (What do expect from a male-dominated movie geek site?)

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