Undercover on the Front Lot
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I am three chapters into this “article”:http://netscape.edmunds.com/advice/buying/articles/42962/article.html from “Edmunds.com”:http://edmunds.com (the car people) by a reporter who went undercover to work sales at a new car lot, and then later at a used car lot. It’s a long piece (for a web article…or even a magazine article) but supposedly he gets into the inner workings of the whole she-bang.

bq. ??The process begins by asking the customer how much they want for a monthly payment. Usually, they say, about $300. “Then, you just say, ‘$300… up to?’ And they’ll say, ‘Well, $350.’ Now they’ve just bumped themselves $50 a month. That’s huge.” You then fill in $350 under the monthly payment box. … I later found out this little phrase “Up to?” was a joke around the dealership. When salesmen or women passed each other in the hallways, they would say, “Up to?” and break out laughing.??

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